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Below you can find more information about our school


The mission of shaping young ones is in the hands of teachers. Our teachers unstintingly give their 'full time, mind, heart and soul' to define the future of the child who is not their own and yet their own. Our teachers understand very well that teaching is not nearly a means of enforcement of information overload but it is imperative to make students adopt and understand real time situations so that they can face future smartly.

Academic Programs

Geetha Schools offers three academic programs for our students: the Expressive Language Program, the Founders Program, and the Prep Program. Each program remediates the language skills of high school students and prepares them for college and beyond. We carefully assess each student and design individually-tailored programs to address the student's strengths and weaknesses.

Our curricular

We follow Telangana SCERT curriculum with integrated outlook. Our curriculum aims at producing our students a sound, redoubtable corrector students with upright conduct, who seek success in life by striving for excellence, are conscientious and capable of acting as leaders of their full of ability. All the students who complete their schooling at Geetha have to be good human beings, have healthy respect for their teachers and all elders and above all be able to stand out from the crowd for their outstanding quality.

Our Boarding/ Residential campus.

The valuable lessons of life are learned at boarding schools. Geetha residential school lay a great amount of emphasis on over all development of a child. When a child leaves our school he/she finds himself/ herself armored with all the skills needed to face and survive life beyond the walls of his or her school. Our school doesn't limit its education to class rooms. At our school the students leave their classrooms after the class but their learning continues 24 x 7.

We shape the students and educate essential life skills in them, we teach 'self-esteem, friendship, self-dependence and support. Here the students learn to take care of themselves. They learn to be empathetic. The social interactions make them confident and the hardships, that are often part and parcel of staying at boarding school, refine their strength. All in all Geetha residential school not just produce qualified students but, students who are well versed at the art of living their lives with dignity and zeal.

We are pretty sure that all these benefits of our school might have made you consider sending your beloved child to our Geetha residential school.

We feel and treat that every student is our own child. The students too feel a comfort stay but not a compulsion. The facilities of our campus and our personal attention make a home apart from home.

Salient features

  • 'Learn- think-analyze and implement' approach.
  • Focus on personality development and higher order thinking skills.
  • Creating opportunity for self assessment.
  • Focus on problem solving and analytical abilities.
  • Focus on environmental education.
  • Encouraging creative writing skills.
  • Edutainment through weekly activities and projects.
  • Learning by questioning and importance of text book reading.
  • Channeling the hidden strength of each student towards academics through continuous motivation.
  • Experimental learning through education tours, field trips and visits.
  • More attention on English spoken and communication skills.
  • Equal importance to co-curricular activities along with academics.
  • Active participation in seminars, essay writing, debate competitions etc.
  • 100% result every year.

Curricular and co-curricular activities

  • Well integrated Maths, Science and Social labs.
  • Central Govt. Sanctioned ATL lab for innovative minds.
  • English language lab for perfection in English.
  • Digital class rooms for smart learning.
  • Computer labs for modern learning.
  • "Treasure of Books - Library" of resource and information.
  • Preparing students for different competitive exams.
  • (Specious play ground) creating good environment for students to participate in different games and sports at 'District, State, National and International level tournaments.
  • Karate and meditation classes for physical and mental strength.
  • Calligraphy in 3 languages.
  • Celebrating local, state, national, international festivals and events.
  • Poster designing, drawing, painting and colouring.
  • Mono action, dramatization, singing, solo and group dancing etc.

Boarding facilities.

  • Very spacious dormitory with good facilities.
  • Limited number of students in each dormitory.
  • Hygienic and nutritious food.
  • Solar and geyser hot water facility.
  • Well trained wardens to take personal and academic care.h
  • Well planned study hours under the guidelines and supervision of regular subject teachers.
  • Remedial classes for slow learners by regular teachers.
  • Special motivation classes by experts.
  • Dispensary and infirmary for regular health care.
  • Weekend activities to entertain and refresh the young minds.